Sunday Assembly – All Greek to you?

Modern life is full of big questions.  Where do the socks go?  What does the fox say?  Will Sunday Assembly be as good without Loyd Grossman?

Pippa & Sanderson

The answer is yes.  After my least favourite Bon Jovi song (It’s My Life) and my favourite Cyndi Laupher song (Time After Time), there was a poet.  Don’t worry, he was actually good.  Sean McCann’s humourous conclusions included “Where’s Homer’s This Is Rubbish?” and “odd is he who does not get The Odyssey.”

Sean McCann

Then came Jules Evans, who correctly surmised that the sign language for Sanderson and Socrates is the same: ‘beardy.’  Jules regaled us with an ultimately uplifting story of tragedy and redemption through philosophy.

Jules Evans

“your inner consciousness is rather lazy and prejudiced and never checks its facts; an inner Daily Mail”

We heard from Paul, speaking about life as a post-Christian, followed by a moving eulogy to Maya Angelou and more singing.  Good times.


“trying to out-nice my nice Christian friends and family”

Check my Flickr for the full set of photos.

Sunday Assembly London is held twice a month at Conway Hall.  No tickets required – just turn up.  Full details here:

If you’re not in London, check if there’s  Sunday Assembly near you:

Sunday Assembly: “It’s all the best bits of church, but with no religion, and awesome pop songs!”

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