Project Nostalgia: Supporters

Many people champion Dom Coyote, Vena Portae and Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – “Whispering Bob” Harris and Dermot O’Leary to name but a few.  But today we’re going to look at those that help day-in day-out; on stage, backstage, on the road and at the merch desk.

Take promoter, presenter and podcaster, Ben Eshmade (featured image).  He’s probably best known for curating Daylight Music, an ongoing series of acoustic concerts at the beautiful Union Chapel in Islington. (N.b. If Vena Portae play this season, I’m totally free to do the photos!)

Then there’s Andy Washington (below, top left) – tour manager extraordinaire. He organizes, sells, drives and provides emergency chocolate – all the important things.  When he’s not out with Emily and The Red Clay Halo, he works with other fabulous bands such as Hurray For The Riff Raff, John Fullbright, Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires. If you’re looking for a road manager, check out

Say hi if you see them around – they’re good people.

“We walked this land together tearing our hearts out/
We’ll walk this land together ’til the truth it is out” – Ghost Narrative, Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo


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