Project Nostalgia: Vena Portae

The final #ProjectNostalgia comes full circle, looking at Vena Portae again. Having seen what 2/3 of the band members were up to in the last few years, it’s now time to look to the future.

You can watch the fabulous video for lead single  Summer Kills as well as stream and, more importantly, buy the new album here: There was a great 4 star review of the album in The Guardian recently, where Summer Kills was described as “bleakly cheerful.” There’s scant time for the phrase to make it as a t-shirt slogan on this tour but I have my hopes for the future! Tour, did someone say tour?  Why, of course, because apparently Emily Baker doesn’t like to relax!  Here are the dates:

August 19:  Bristol August 20:  Kingston August 21:  Portsmouth August 22:  Marlborough August 23:  Lewes August 23:  Bexhill August 24:  Swanage August 26:  Birmingham August 27:  London August 29:  Durham August 30:  Stockton-On-Tees August 30:  Manchester

For venue and ticket details (over half are free), check out “I lost my soul to someone I should not/ You don’t have to tell me, baby – I’ll find my way back” – Summer Kills, Vena Portae Vena Porta Collage 1

What do you think?

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