Emmy The Great

Oslo, London
27 January, 2015

Emmy The Great, a.k.a. Emma-Lee Moss, is 30-31 according to Wikipedia (so it must be true). As well as having several names and ages, she grew up in several cities – meaning that the performance at London’s Oslo was basically a home-town show.

With the audience and the band made up of friends and family having a great time, it was no problem when her brother, Robin, forgot the chords (A, E Minor).  It was, after all, no hardship to hear stand-out track Trellick Tower several times.

The packed crowd was treated to a short-but-sweet set with a mix of fan favourites (Paper Forest and We Almost Had A Baby were particular highlights) and tracks from her new EP, S, including soon-to-be classic Social Halo. The synchronised dancing with projected-Emmy was particularly delightful.  All in all, a great night that ended all too soon. Here’s hoping for several more shows this year.

Above: Illustrator Paul Shinn, creator of some awesome Emmy The Great artwork, including this:

Support came from Dems and O Karmina (special mention to her for a beautiful cover of Counting Crows’ Colorblind.

More photos available via my Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/photos/redrospective/sets/ 

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