Roddy Woomble & Sorren Maclean

Kings Place, London
April 9, 2015

Sorren Maclean opened a highlight of the Caledonian Chronicles festival with an understated but assured set.  His stripped back electro-acoustic songs of Scotland proved perfectly suited to the crisp acoustics of the venue.  Sorren was joined on stage by fiddler, Hannah Fisher, and then a full band, who added richness to the sound.

Sorren again took centre stage for the next set as headliner Roddy Woomble settled into a seat on the side. Anyone familiar only with the sublime sound and fury of Idlewild’s earliest output may struggle to imagine Roddy in the hushed setting of Kings Place.  However, as a solo artist he leans towards simple folk songs of home, land and community.  Offering the opportunity to focus on his storytelling, Roddy’s quiet presence, sparked by a little nervous energy, made the performance something to savour.  Highlights included Take Me Back To The Islands and Waverley Steps, brought to a soaring crescendo when accompanied by a baby grand piano and Hannah Fisher’s fiddle and beautiful harmonies.

Check my Flickr account for more photos.

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