Piney Gir

What’s better than a Piney Gir show?  Two Piney Gir shows!

Union Chapel – July 4, 2015

Seasoned Union Chapel veterans Piney Gir made a triumphant return to headline the penultimate Daylight Music of the season.  Their endearingly optimistic summer pop songs energized the crowd, especially two intrepid youngsters who spent the entire set dancing along the front row and launching themselves off the nearest pew.  As well as treating the crowd to tracks from the new album, Mr. Hyde’s Wild Ride, the band celebrated Independence Day by leading the audience in a rendition of the American folk standard This Land is Your Land.

The all-American line-up was rounded out by impressive Texan singer-songwriter Rodney Branigan, who wowed by effortlessly playing two guitars at once, and Player Piano who entertained with Ryan Adams style songs and droll humour.

The Lexington – July 6, 2015

Darkness fell and Piney Gir bounded on stage with a whole new dynamic to their performance; a raucous energy befitting the small club setting.  While maintaining the synchronised dancing and handclaps of the daytime set, the organized chaos of the nine-piece band at night was a joy to behold.

Support came from ‘mathematical pop band’, The Cosines, and subdued folk duo, The Catenary Wires.

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