Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room, Sam Russo & Bro

November 10, 2015
Dingwalls, Camden, London

The night came to life as Bro opened the show.  Like The Bots, they showed that a duo can bring the noise with nothing more than a drum kit, guitar and impressive array of pedals.  Starting out as unassuming, both in stage presence and verses, the choruses kicked in to a riot of hair and limbs.

“I remember my first beer too” – Sam Russo
Next up, Sam Russo.  There’s been a buzz about him amongst the Revival Tour set for years, and for good reason.  Like Dave Hause and Cory Branan before him, Sam held the room with powerful stories of everyday struggles and dreams of better days.  He treated the Camden crowd to an effortless performance cut with humour and the driving percussion of a stamping boot.  Highlights included Sometimes and Nobody’s Fool.

“Let’s get sweaty” – Dan Andriano
We’ve all been to those shows where the crowd are itching for the greatest hits of the singer’s more famous band.  Not here.  Dan Andriano is unmistakeably the co-vocalist of the mighty Alkaline Trio, but the fans were unmistakeably out to hear Dan Andriano in the Emergency Room.

They were not disappointed with a set of storming anthems and gentle electro-acoustic melodies.  The band seemed to genuinely enjoy the songs, and that went double for guest guitarist, Sam Russo.  Stand-out tracks included Lowrider, Let Me In and From This Oil Can.

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  1. Mark Hogan says:

    Great Photos & loved reading your review !

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