2015: Year In Review

Another year gone and just time left for a Redrospective retrospective! Here are some snippets and shots from the standout shows of the year.

Emmy The Great
“With the audience and the band made up of friends and family having a great time, it was no problem when her brother, Robin, forgot the chords … [and] no hardship to hear stand-out track Trellick Tower several times.”

Kelly Clarkson
“Kelly treated the crowd to a joyous, high-octane greatest hits set and they loved it – even the security guards sang along!”

Roddy Woomble & Sorren Maclean
“Anyone familiar only with the sublime sound and fury of Idlewild’s earliest output may struggle to imagine Roddy Woomble in the hushed setting of Kings Place.  However, as a solo artist he leans towards simple folk songs of home, land and community…Roddy’s quiet presence, sparked by a little nervous energy, made the performance something to savour.”

Emily Barker
“The album is a recorded-as-live analogue journey celebrating pure vocals, musicianship and lyrics of loss and home.  The live performance was perfectly in keeping – a stripped-down set with no distractions.”

Piney Gir
“Darkness fell and Piney Gir bounded on stage with a whole new dynamic to their performance; a raucous energy befitting the small club setting…the organized chaos of the nine-piece band at night was a joy to behold.”

Xtra Mile’s Summer in the City: Skinny Lister, Will Varley, PJ Bond & The RPMs
“Skinny Lister exploded into life with earnest folk-rock and sea shanties,…Packed to the rafters with an atmosphere somewhere between a house party and a lock-in, The Monarch wasn’t big enough for everyone who wanted in.”

Less Than Jake & Anti-Flag
“16 years gone and they’re still the best live band I know, perhaps because they play with the energy of 16 year olds…See you down the front next time!”

The Gaslight Anthem & Against Me
” The night unfolded as a joyful retrospective of the band’s 9 year career…24 tales of little victories and private despair.”

Third Eye Blind & Symmetry
” Variously performing as an ethereal silhouette, with a nonchalant Oasis-style swagger, or bounding relentlessly across the stage, singer Stephan Jenkins set the tone for a raucous and deliciously unpredictable night.”

Dan Andriano & Sam Russo
“They were not disappointed with a set of storming anthems and gentle electro-acoustic melodies.  The band seemed to genuinely enjoy the songs, and that went double for guest guitarist, Sam Russo.”

Danny and the Champions of the World
“No matter the line-up, the talent and charm of this band endures; the way they engage with the audience and each other is a joy to see.”



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