Israel Nash, Treetop Flyers & William The Conqueror

June 21, 2016
Brooklyn Bowl, London

The London crowd was lucky to see Israel Nash in more ways than one. Having been electrocuted during soundcheck at a recent show, he explained “it’s *really* good to be here, playing music!”

Israel Nash-20

What followed was an epic Americana set with clear classic rock influences. Nash’s vocals were deep and rich, and the band was tight and talented. Nash acknowledged that “they bring these songs I wrote to life.”

Israel Nash-6

Israel Nash-16

The band powered through until Nash paused for a touching tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox and those at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando: “We’ve had to say things about mass shootings too many times from the stage…this song goes out to the victims.”

Israel Nash-1

The track dedicated to the fallen, Parlor Song, was a set highlight, notable for the lyric “sooner or later we’ll surrender our guns.” Quite a statement for a Missourian native  living  in Texas.

Israel Nash-15

Other standout songs included a cover of George Harrison’s 1970 track Isn’t It A Pity, and Rexanimarum, which was dedicated to “the late, great James Brown.”

Israel Nash-19

Given their relentless and compelling performance, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Treetop Flyers were playing a  sold-out headline show on the main O2 stage, rather than a midweek support slot in a mid-sized venue on the O2’s perimeter.

Treetop Flyers-22

Treetop Flyers-13

The band combined the best elements of indie-rock and Americana as they tore through their set, including upcoming single 31 Years, with power and precision.

Treetop Flyers-1

Treetop Flyers-4

Reid Morrison’s distinctive vocals and irrepressibly energy stole the show.  However, this was no case of style over substance.  “The quiet song”  – St. Andrew’s Cross – was a sweet duet between Morrison, who’s voice cracked beautifully, and multi-instrumentalist bandmate Sam Beer.

Treetop Flyers-7

Treetop Flyers-24

Expect big things from this band.

Treetop Flyers-18

Unassuming as he took the stage, William The Conqueror’s vocalist Ruarri Joseph launched into a confident bluesy performance with southern rock overtones.

William The Conqueror-15

William The Conqueror-14

William The Conqueror-22

The band backed him up closely and effortlessly.

William The Conqueror-4

Special mention must go to Naomi Holmes who played with regal calmness, even as her bass lines reverberated through the floor.

William The Conqueror-12

William The Conqueror-13

This band is one to watch.

William The Conqueror-9

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