Hannah Rose Platt & Kaity Rae

February 23, 2016
The Green Note, London

“Don’t wear stilettos on old wood – sounds like a country song!”
Hannah Rose Platt opened the show with fan favourite Dancer, a paean to the hard work and grace of a waitress in Crystal Palace.

Hannah Rose Platt

The rest of the set was both a preview for an album due out in October and a celebration of a new management deal with Belles and Gals‘ founder, Nick; his firm is named after Platt’s song 1954.

Hannah Rose Platt

It being a relaxed affair, Platt took the chance to share the stories behind her songs. The doleful  Brooklyn was written while watching the movie of the same name; she literally paused the film to riff on the idea of the city having nothing and nowhere for the Irish men who gave up everything to build it.

Hannah Rose Platt

Chanel and Cigarettes was loosely based on a ghost story Platt wrote when she was 10. *Very* loosely, hopefully, because it’s a smoky study of infidelity!

Hannah Rose Platt

The aforementioned 1954, a devastating study of dementia, came from a flatmate’s experiences as a care worker. Platt’s songs were full of nuance, pathos and historical perspective, with a delivery reminiscent of Jewel.

Hannah Rose Platt

Platt comes with a Sid Griffin seal of approval and their duets were set highlights. When Audrey Came To call, about a destructive hurricane, was oddly appropriate for the night of Storm Doris, while their cover of Gram Parson’s The Angels Rejoiced Last Night was appropriately sweet and low.

Hannah Rose Platt & Sid Griffin

Sid Griffin

Check hannahroseplatt.com for info, music and tour dates.

“I’m actually studying songwriting – yeah, it’s a real subject!”
Comparisons between Kaity Rae and Taylor Swift are perhaps inevitable, from hooks and looks to easy charm and a way with words.

Kaity Rae

From the catchy new single Before I Knew, to leading the crowd in a singalong of Too Young To Be Grown-Up, via a cover of John Mayer’s new single Love On The Weekend, Rae delivered an assured performance. She had an endearing mix of talent beyond her years and knowledge that she still has a lot to learn.

Kaity Rae

After taking in the talent on a trip to Nashville she reworked Up In Smoke – clearly successfully, with nuanced metaphors and vocal colours.  Given her deft touch in switching between introspective relationship songs and heartfelt country pop, Rae is clearly learning fast. Expect to see more of her.

Kaity Rae

Kaity Rae’s EP, This Time Around, is out now. See kaityrae.com for details and tour dates.

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