Worry Dolls with Ian Hunter & The Rant Band

June 28, 2017
ULU Student Central, London

“When we started this tour we weren’t sure whether we were going to have things thrown at us!”
Worry Dolls got points for honesty because an Americana-country-folky band touring with a veteran rock star certainly wasn’t the most obvious pairing.

Worry Dolls-8172

Luckily, they were up to the challenge and easily won over the classic rock fans. To be fair, luck had nothing to do with it. They earned respect through skillful instrumentation, angelic harmonies and well-crafted songs, such as Light O Light and Someday Soon.

Worry Dolls-8112

Underscoring their talent, sought after Nashville songwriter Jeff Cohen co-wrote with Worry Dolls for their debut album, Go Get Gone, and the night was extra special because he was in the crowd to cheer them on.

Worry Dolls-7980

Worry Dolls-8057

Worry Dolls-8175

Of course, Ian Hunter was the main draw, and he and his band did not disappoint. The crowd roared their approval for every song, especially  Roll Away The Stone and All The Young Dudes. The performance was slick, exuberant and relentless.

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8277

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8260

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8355

Being enviously young, Worry Dolls were only just realising the extent of Ian Hunter’s Mott The Hoople fame. At a recent show in Preston, a fan had explained he had last seen Ian Hunter there in 1974, supported by a little band they may have heard of – Queen!

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8207

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8335

The highlight of the evening came when the two bands got together to sing I Wish I Was Your Mother. A technical glitch during Worry Dolls’ first part was forgotten as soon as their dulcet tones were added to the mix and the rousing chorus reverberated around the packed hall.

Ian Hunter & The Rant Band-8222

Ian Hunter and The Rant Band are currently on tour in Europe, followed by dates in the U.S. 
Worry Dolls are gearing up for an extensive UK tour. Here’s a handy flyer with the tour dates (photo credit: me!). If you don’t already have their debut album, Go Get Gone, check out my review for a track-by-track overview.

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