Aloft: Katy Hurt, Emily Faye & Jake Morrell


February 16, 2018
“Country music is about the stories you tell”

The early doors (6:30!) was a known quantity. Navigating Citymapper over three dimensional space, not so much. After finally finding the entrance to the hotel bar through a car park a level below EdExcel, the music was well underway. Oh, the horror! Such a shame to miss part of Jake Morrell’s set, especially if the dying notes of Long Way Home were anything to go by. Wire and Thorns was long gone.

Jake Morrell -1917

There was still time for Englishman which name-checked all the classic American locations (plus Albuquerque) while pointing out there’s no need to visit any of them to write a good country song. All three of the acts on the bill were proof of that. I doubt any of them could place Albuquerque on a map, let alone needing to go there to do their thing!

Jake Morrell -1913

Jake Morrell -1947

“Elliot Joseph and myself wrote this song for all the grandparents out there because sometimes they don’t get a mention”
Next up was Emily Faye. When you think you know what to expect but it turns out you know absolutely nothing. Being all prepared for a beautiful chilled acoustic set, it was a feisty, fearless full band affair.

Emily Faye -2173

Emily Faye -2267

Emily Faye -2185

Emily Faye -2297

The grandparent song, Masterpiece, and Giving In were closer to the tender approach of Faye’s solo sets. Pretty much everything else, especially Rolling Stones T-Shirt, Grow and Open Road, were rich, full, and fecking awesome!

Emily Faye -2153

Emily Faye -2166

Emily Faye-2105

“We’re gonna slow this country special down a little bit and bang in some blues”
Hey! How about you do the singing and I’ll do the reviews, Katy? 😉 To be fair, she was right about Fire. It’s Katy Hurt’s ability to switch between bluesy notes, a rich country twang and pure vocals that makes her one to watch.

Katy Hurt -2744

The full band experience is always going to make an impact, but the quality of Hurt’s voice came out unforgettably in Unfinished Business, a quiet song filled with descriptive detail.

Kaity Hurt-2488

The set ended with Ride Home which unified the tender and tenacious aspects of the band’s live offering.

Katy Hurt -2662

Katy Hurt -2800

Katy Hurt -2627

Katy Hurt -2796

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Group -2815

Group -2809

Group -2812

Katy Hurt -2786


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