Emily Faye, Two Ways Home & Jake Morrell

May 1, 2018
The Beford, Balham

“She definitely just whooped herself”

Jake Morrell was right; Emily Faye *did* cheer when her name was mentioned. With good reason, to be fair, having organised this epic night and delivered a fantastic EP to boot. The way Morrell recognised her voice and casually acknowledged the situation suggested he’d spent a lot of time with the future superstar in the corner.

Jake Morrell-4916

This was borne out by his set which included several “Emily Faye specials.” Long Way Round was inspired by their first meeting when Faye accidentally drive them round a Guildford roundabout six times. Classic Faye. The song was classic Morrell/Faye too, with a supremely singalong hook.

Jake Morrell-5064

Jake Morrell-4925

Throughout the set, Morrell continued his understated assault on the UK country/Americana scene with twin weapons of easy charm and memorable songs.

Jake Morrell-4914

Jake Morrell-5011

Englishman, Wire and Thorns and Kindness all had pleasing head voice and catchy choruses that made singalongs almost inevitable, even for those who were hearing the songs for the first time. They’ll be seeing more of him.

Jake Morrell-4978

“I can buy stuff now. I’ll just double-check if I actually want it”
That was Two Ways Home’s Lewis Fowler gently mocking duet partner Isi Mariee’s typically hard sell of their merchandise early on the set.

Two Ways Home-5158

Two Ways Home-5151

It has to be said that Two Ways Home have some of the strongest merch game on the scene, and certainly the neatest; it all packs up into a suitcase. It wouldn’t be surprising if they had a lot more room in that case after their set, given the consistent quality of their musicianship right from the opening chords of Closest Stranger.

Two Ways Home-5132

Two Ways Home-5187

Two Ways Home-5298

The pair, accompanied by supremely talented Michael Clancy on guitar, took us “down to ballad town” with Take My Hand. 

Two Ways Home-5105

Two Ways Home-5315

Two Ways Home-5161

That was closely followed by another heartwrencher, Don’t Give Up On Me. Each song showcased their trademark “harmonies for days,” as Faye likes to say. Laughter filled the air as Fowler tried out some rock moves (did anyone catch that plectrum?), helping to build an abiding sense of playfulness alongside the memorable melodies.

Two Ways Home-5279

Two Ways Home-5103

The band picked up the pace with the jaunty tracks Just For Now and Push and Pull, setting the crowd up for the main event: “let’s all party with Emily Faye next!”

Two Ways Home-5252

Two Ways Home-5284

Check out twowayshome.com for details of their upcoming UK tour, and don’t miss their monthly songwriters’ round, The Round Up, a The Colonel Fawcett in Camden.

“It’s a girl boss song!”
Faye revelled in that description of Game Over, one of the instantly memorably songs from the new EP, Here I Am, that had brought everyone together for the night. It really was a family affair full of warmth and love. Faye’s relatives took over the mezzanine level, meaning her grandparents got to hear a beautiful performance of a song, Masterpiece, which they had inspired.

Emily Faye-5489

Emily Faye-5515

Faye’s musical family was out in force too. Faye’s band were energetic and enthusiastic, clearly enjoying the positive vibes and the temporary addition of killer guitarist, Patrick Weeks.

Emily Faye-5418

Emily Faye-5439

Like with Two Ways Home before them, the interplay between the bandmembers was particularly nice to see.

Emily Faye-5748

Emily Faye-5456

Faye held the stage alone for a solo segment to showcase some of the more tender tracks. Giving In highlighted her gorgeous voice and way with words.

Emily Faye-5435

Emily Faye-5541

Support artists Jake Morrell and Two Ways Home’s Michael Clancy also stepped up for duets.

Emily Faye-5629

Emily Faye-5570

Even musician friends that couldn’t make it were there in spirit as Faye made sure to name-check co-writers such as Sue McMillan. She was particularly excited to perform a song written by Liv Austen and Alex Maile. Another song that Faye penned with Maile, Once Ain’t Enough, was timeless and contemporarily commercial at the same time.

Emily Faye-5388

The crowd had the joy of becoming familiar with the EP still to come, but they were already well aware of the joyful lead single, Open Road. Being featured in Rolling Stone certainly helped, but the undeniable quality of the song and its supportive message  showed that this was no case of style over substance. Faye’s got something special.

Emily Faye-5837

Emily Faye-5820

Other set highlights included the bluesy, smooth and soothing Macmillan co-write, Barefoot, a crystal clear rendition of the breathtaking song Me For Me, and the final epic full band number, Cold Hearted. 

Emily Faye-5852

Emily Faye’s EP, Here I Am, is out now. Head over to emilyfayemusic.com to treat yo self.

Emily Faye-5384

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