William The Conqueror – The Half Moon

May 15, 2018
The Half Moon, Putney

“We’re just gonna keep throwing them at you, if that’s alright?”
It certainly was! After a flawless but sedate and ultimately slightly soulless concert across town earlier that evening, an all-in rock show was just what was needed. William The Conqueror delivered in spades.

Songs like Mind Keeps Changing and Did You Wrong would be familiar to anyone who’s watched them blossom live over the last few years or picked up their masterful debut album, Proud Disturber of the Peace.


William The Conqueror -8384

Harry Harding relentlessly held the beat on drums, Naomi Holmes’ bass work kept the groove and Ruarri Joseph’s distinctive voice and impressive guitar skill tied it all together.

William The Conqueror -8326

William The Conqueror -8348

William The Conqueror -8396

As music fans at festivals and dingy venues alike have been finding out to their delight, the rockier songs excite while tender tunes like Tend To The Thorns and Manawatu  leave a lasting impact. This is how music is meant to be: visceral, stirring and real.

William The Conqueror -8459

William The Conqueror -8576

William The Conqueror -8608

With a show like that merely hinting at what’s still to come as the band get ready to release their second album, the fans weren’t the only ones grinning.

William The Conqueror -8402

William The Conqueror -8360

William The Conqueror -8659

William The Conqueror’s second album, Bleeding On The Soundtrack, is due out on February 15, 2019. You can catch them on tour in November 2018.


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