Carter Sampson, Lauren Barth & Jesse Aycock, and Hannah Rose Platt

May 16, 2018
St. Pancras Old Church, London

“It’s almost off-putting, I can’t concentrate on my songs with that beautiful sound”

Hannah Rose Platt praised the sound quality generated by the crisp acoustics of the church. Coincidentally, I was having trouble concentrating on photographing Platt due to the beautiful sound of her flawless voice. Not complaining!

Hannah Rose Platt-8800

Hannah Rose Platt-8842

Her short but sweet set ranged from Little Screws from her first album to her newest single, Sorry.

Hannah Rose Platt-8898

Hannah Rose Platt-8782

The clarity of sound, combined with her powerful voice and clear diction, really drew attention to the lyrics of her trademark story songs. There was 1954, a heartbreaking song about the effects of Alzheimer’s, Audrey, about the devastating effects of a hurricane, and Brooklyn, about the effect of enforced separation as a result of nineteenth century immigration. Gotta love our Hannah’s varied concerns!

Hannah Rose Platt-8924

It seems she’s always been a creative writer. Chanel and Cigarettes was based on a ghost story she wrote when she was just ten years old. Platt’s mum was on hand to confirm this, having made the trip down from Liverpool for this special show.

Hannah Rose Platt-8884

Sadly, despite her best efforts, Platt couldn’t quite time the song to end with the church bell chiming. No worries, she’ll be back. Headlining, no doubt.

Hannah Rose Platt-8857

Hannah Rose Platt-8911

Visit to buy Sorry – all proceeds will be donated to Women’s Aid. Keep an eye out for her new album – coming soon! In the meantime, you can catch her at Crystal Palace Festival on June 16 and The Greys in Brighton on July 9. 

Hannah Rose Platt is a member of the luscious trio, The Savannahs. Their EP Iron and Glass is out now. Head over to for details. 

“I nearly almost messed up a few times because I was smiling so big!”
Lauren Barth wholeheartedly agreed with Platt about the beauty of the church and its acoustics. It was a perfect venue for her vocals to intertwine with Jesse Aycock’s distinctive voice.

Jesse Aycock and Lauren Barth-8957

Jesse Aycock and Lauren Barth-8963

They were both solo artists in their own right but together their harmonies created a uniquely atmospheric set as the songs blended together to create a dreamy soundscape. Between, they shared stories of life in L.A. and Oklahoma.

Jesse Aycock and Lauren Barth-8955

Jesse Aycock and Lauren Barth-8974

Check out and to find out more about their solo work.

“People started calling me the Queen of Oklahoma and I’ve never stopped anyone calling me that, not ever!”
Carter Sampson could have stepped up for 90 minutes of sharing stories and that would have been just fine.

Carter Sampson-9049

Carter Sampson-9198

She talked about following a bass player to Arkansas and becoming known as the Queen of Oklahoma, and about paying that forward through Oklahoma City’s Rock ‘N’ Roll camp for girls. We heard about the Memphis singer who had inspired her, who was “all boobs and pearls.” We also learned all about life touring across America in a camper van; it’s for sale if anyone’s interested!

Carter Sampson-9025

Carter Sampson-9193

As entertaining as the quirky stories were, Sampson’s powerful voice and descriptive Americana roaming songs, such as Highway Rider and Queen of Oklahoma, were what the sold-out crowd were there for.

Carter Sampson-9230

Carter Sampson-9086

Carter Sampson-9102

As well as giving a firecracker of a performance on her own, Sampson invited Barth and Aycock to join her for a large portion of the set. Their harmonies and Aycock’s lap steel guitar added extra layers.

Carter Sampson-9120

Carter Sampson’s album Wilder Side, which Bob Harris described as impeccable, is out now. Visit to get your copy.

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Carter Sampson-9030-2

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