Buck ‘N’ Bull’s Nashville Meets London pre-party: Frankie Davies, Raintown, Liv Austen & Megan O’Neill

July 27, 2018
Boat, River Thames

A river cruise in London in July during a heatwave: what could possibly go wrong? An epic thunderstorm, of course! Typical! An array of party goers in cowboy boots, hats and checked shirts huddled together on the dock, giving no indication that they’d soon be dancing the night away. Luckily, the live music and food were both on the interior decks. Soon all thoughts of wet weather were gone and the place really heated up.

“Liv Austen ate all the fucking celery!”
Technically Megan O’Neill didn’t say that until after she left the stage, but it was too delicious not to share (unlike celery; many thanks to Liv for getting rid of it!) Anyone who knows Megan knows she’s not really a diva – it was a joke between friends, helped along by the lack of veggie options on the buffet table.

Megan O'Neill -4765

Megan O'Neill -4717

As for the set, Megan kicked things of with three keyboard numbers rounded out with support on guitar. Without particularly showcased her powerful voice.

Megan O'Neill -4686

Liv Austen -4803

Megan O’Neill’s album Ghost of You is out now and she’s currently recording her next record with The Dunwells. You can contribute to her Pledge campaign for exclusive updates and unique rewards, including the option to have a songwriting lesson with Megan or have her write a song for you! 

MMMBop, Penny and Me then MMMBop again. There’s the perfect setlist!”
Another backstage tidbit – Liv Austen was right, but given that there was only time for three songs, the Hanson dream will have to wait.

Liv Austen -4864

She came in strong with last year’s Chris Country A List single, The Next Time. That performance set the tone – an all-in, intense singalong.

Liv Austen -4874

Liv and guitarist Jon Wright stretched the three song rule with an extended mash-up of Selena Gomez’ Back To You and Avicii’s Wake Me Up. That was well received, up to a point. It was a demanding crowd in the best kind of way. They wanted to hear Liv Austen songs, not covers!

Liv Austen -4810

Liv Austen -4861

It went off when Wright started the distinctive guitar part for Window Shopping. Although it was only released a few days before, many were word perfect.

Liv Austen’s debut album, A Moment Of Your Time,  is out now! 

Raintown inherited a revved up crowd and kept them there. After going straight into Writing On The Wall, Run With The Night continued with impressive duo vocals, with Claire McArthur-Bain’s voice especially filling the deck.

Raintown -4915

There was clearly a lot of love for Raintown, old songs and new songs alike.

Raintown -4916

Raintown -4922

You can hear more from Raintown by buying their latest album, Writing On The Wall

“It’s good to be here on the party boat”
By the point, most of the fans were as drunk as Frankie Davies was when during her memorable Round Up performance. Even without the alcohol glow, High On Love and The Sweetest Sound would have been greeted like old friends.

Franke Davies -4966

Franke Davies -4961

After promising new music, her vocal growl was full of promise. It was fitting that she was the last act on the boat bill because she provided the link to the Nashville Meets London festival that everyone was out to get revved up for, given that she was playing on the main stage too.

Franke Davies -4958

Frankie Davies debut album Wherever I Go is out now!

After these short but exuberant sets, the exultant crowd had a choice – head up to the top deck for some fresh air and to watch the sunset now that the rain had passed, or stay inside to dance the night away to tunes spun by everyone’s favourite country DJ, Baylen Leonard.  The latter might not have realised that the boat passed an unexpected fireworks display and went as far as Greenwich before returning back to Canary Wharf.

River cruise -5129

River cruise -5036

River cruise -5095

River cruise -5164

Here’s a photo video with more shots of the night’s fun, to the apt tune Treadin’ Water by Megan O’Neill.

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