Haunt The Woods, Clara Bond & Jamie Yost

St. Pancras Old Church
July 30, 2018

“I wonder what church we’ll be at next”
Jamie Yost and Fergus Tanner had travelled from Plymouth to perform at St. Pancras Old Church. Given that this was only their second show together and both of those had been in churches, it’s not surprising that Yost spotted a pattern.

Jamie Yost -6636

He did all the talking, partly because he had the only microphone but also because they were playing songs from his Aurora EP as well as his newer songs.

Jamie Yost -6650

Still, it was Tanner’s introspective guitar work picked up by the church acoustics that added a shimmering quality to songs like Runaway and Father.

Jamie Yost -6652

Yost’s mum got a song too: “I felt like the parents deserved a song each.” For that number, Yost’s guitar work took centre stage as he played his electro-acoustic lap style and slapped it for percussion.

Jamie Yost -6698

Influences of U2 and Biffy Clyro were evident, especially in the sonic fury bubbling under then rising to the surface. The typical line-up is full band which would surely amplify these  aspects. Then again, they don’t necessarily get such a listening crowd eager to appreciate the intricacies: “we’re not used to this, we’re used to a beer at the head!”

Jamie Yost -6661

“That was a very sad song about a breakup and the next song’s a very angry song about a breakup”
The excitement for Clara Bond’s set was palpable, mainly because Clara’s biggest fan, Liv Austen, suddenly appeared on the front row. She took time out from promoting her single Window Shopping to support her friend (and absolute favourite) Bond.

Clara Bond -6853

Clara Bond -6792

“One more song? Can we do two songs? Two songs? Two songs.” Hey, Bond was just saying what everyone was thinking! The set was short enough without missing  the band’s captivating cover of I’m On Fire. They recently performed the Springsteen song for a Bob Harris Under The Apple Tree Session, then released it to Spotify in the wake of its popularity with Liv Austen on social media. It’s basically a public service they’re performing; partly because it’s a striking version and partly because they’re highlighting how creepy the lyrics are: “hey little girl, is your daddy home?/Did he go away and leave you all alone?/I got a bad desire.” Just leaving that there…

Clara Bond -6775

Clara Bond -6768

Bond and her band played accomplished, memorable songs such as Tambourine and Love Can’t Stay, plus Flashback with effortless vocal runs. One song was so new it was called Untitled.

Clara Bond -6799

Bond had the crowd both laughing and sympathising with the story behind Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single. She’d dated a guy and then six months later found out he was celebrating a one year anniversary with someone else.

Clara Bond -6861

Haunt The Woods had hair and harmony for days. They started out slow with introspective lyrics about sleep-talking but then got real loud. Prog rock with a modern twist.

Haunt The Woods -6953

Haunt The Woods -7023

Haunt The Woods -7035

The best thing about long songs? Bit of time to pop outside for a quick photo shoot 🙂

Liv Austen and Clara Bond -6948

Liv Austen and Clara Bond -6944

Liv Austen and Clara Bond -6949

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