The Round Up 16 with Two Ways Home, Lauren Housley, O&O and Vic Allen

With so many country and Americana gigs in London these days, you can’t see everything. Unless you go to two gigs a night, that is! It’s a shame to miss any part of The Round Up. Still, it was great to witness the easy camaraderie between the performers and the crowd that had built up over just a few hours.

The Round Up 16 -7543

Even better to catch one of the undoubted highlights: – Lauren Housley saying O&O in her thick Yorkshire accent!

The Round Up 16 -7370

The Round Up 16 -7475

She then asked if anyone had any requests and someone shouted ‘seahorses.’ As Two Ways Home’s Lewis Fowler rightly pointed out, “that’s not how requests work,” given that Housley doesn’t actually have a song about seahorses. Yet!

The Round Up 16 -7377

The Round Up 16 -7482

The Round Up 16 -7635

Instead, she performed a particularly compelling train song. Some of the crowd got really into joining in on the ‘woo woo’ part!

The Round Up 16 -7415

“We are a couple”
“That’s what you think!”
Well, that took a turn! O&O (please read that in a Yorkshire accent) *are* a couple, as well as duet partners. The song Some Days was about darker moments in a relationship, but the sound was sweet.

The Round Up 16 -7487

“I wanna play in writers’ rounds all the time”
Having had a taste of writers’ round life on the Write Like A Girl tour with Emily Faye and Beth Keeping, she confirmed her love for the round format this time round. She performed Drive Thru which was about falling in love in a McDonald’s car park in Nashville. Like you do!

The Round Up 16 -7636

The Round Up 16 -7522

After an unexpected Florida Georgia Line impression, Two Ways Home’s Lewis Fowler briefly teased about the idea of playing an ABBA cover as a double duo with O&O.

The Round Up 16 -7633

The Round Up 16 -7358

The Round Up 16 -7617

Two Ways Home instead performed a joyous version of Push and Pull with guest guitar solos.

The Round Up 16 -7348

The Round Up 16 -7568

The Round Up 16 -7585

The Round Up 16 -7538

The Round Up 16 -7362

The next Round Up is breaking with tradition by being on a Wednesday. Click here for information about how to see Two Ways Home with Rachael Button, Charlie Hole and Remember Monday on September 5. 

The Round Up 16 -7638

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