Liv Austen, Clara Bond and Tally Spear

November 6, 2018
Islington Metalworks

“This song’s called Scatterbrain and it’s about me”
Tally Spear’s personal and confessional style fed into her songs throughout the set.

Tally Spear -2156

Tally Spear -2142

Later, she talked about how aware she’d become of her urban roots, having been born and bred in London, after spending time with more provincial folk. Her urban outlook led to the song City Girl.

Tally Spear -2120

Tally Spear -2174

In Wasted, she knocked on the guitar for percussion. Harmonica also made an appearance in the short but social set.

Tally Spear -2105

Tally Spear -2074

She ended up with Just Don’t Know. Here’s the promo video of the song, which she directed and edited herself.

Tally Spear’s all set for performances during festival season, including Black Deer and Vegan Camp Out. Click here for details

“We’re gonna do something a bit sassy straight off the bat”
Liv Austen was very specific about the support acts she chose for her album launch party. Clara Bond was the obvious choice as one of her favourite performers and a close friend.

Clara Bond -2381

Clara Bond -2322

Bond’s rendition of Love Can’t Stay was slow and gorgeous. She followed up with a song inspired by dating woes, having dated someone and then found out soon after that he was celebrating an anniversary with his current girlfriend. Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Single? will feature on her next record.

Clara Bond -2287

Her set also featured songs from her last EP, including Tambourine and “the saddest song I’ve ever written,” Flashback.

Clara Bond -2182

Clara Bond -2278

She ended with I’m On Fire, a sultry cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “weird, mysterious song” that she’d recently released as a cover after performing it for Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree sessions.

Clara Bond -2266

Clara Bond’s first headline show is happening on May 16, 2019, at The Courtyard in London supported by Lisa Wright and Daisy Clark. Click here for tickets!

“Let’s all fee free and dance a little”
Despite Liv Austen’s clear instruction, this crowd wasn’t as footloose and fancy free as when she’d played here for the Buck ‘N’ Bull party/club night. There was definitely not as much alcohol flowing as that night, but also this was a dedicated fanbase who seemed much more concerned with filming, photographing and appreciating the performance.

Liv Austen -3409

The show started out with the album opener, Miss Nobody, which would surely be a single if it didn’t come from an album with so many other single-ready songs. It’s world class on record and striking live.

Liv Austen -3379-2

Part-Time Sweetheart continued the trend – another song that won’t be a single, but could/should be!

Liv Austen -3507

After a melodic pair of songs, Want It More and Train Of Thought, Austen slipped in a Carrie Underwood cover, End Up With You.

Liv Austen -2445-2

She slowed it down with Whole Heart and later introduced the other plaintive ballad, Detour. They were shown as fan favourites, which contributed to them being released as a double A-Side single on vinyl the following May.

Liv Austen -2637-2

Nothing Less, Nothing More marked the only disappointment of the show. No in the performance! It simply came just a few minutes too early for proud co-writer Emily Faye to see it performed live, after an epic journey of several hours to try to make it in time. Still, she lived dancing around to Austen’s upbeat singles Don’t Regret A Single One, The Next Time, and Window Shopping with that song’s co-writer Kaity Rae. Certainly a great turnout of fans, friends and collaborators; many being all three!

Liv Austen -3442

The highlight of the show came towards the end when Austen performed a song she doesn’t often play live, But I Know I Love Him, on the keyboard under two stark spotlights. There was nowhere to hide with staging like that and the performance was suitably flawless.

Liv Austen -3469

Liv Austen -3490

Liv Austen’s album, A Moment of Your Time, is out now. Check out our in-depth track-by-track review. The limited edition double A-Side single of Detour and Whole Heart on vinyl will be released on May 17 and available on her website and at live shows.

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Liv Austen -3572-2

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