Skinny Lister and Buster Shuffle

December 12, 2018
The Garage, London

“Look like you’re loving it!”
The crowd didn’t have to pretend to be having fun when it came to posing for a photo. They were still laughing from the first attempt, when Buster Shuffle’s singer Jet Baker had accidentally taken a video instead. More importantly, they were buzzing from a banging set of ska originals, interspersed with a cover probably older than any of the band members.

Buster Shuffle -8981

They’re clearly students of punk history and have taken up the mantle of political protest. As if her night couldn’t get any worse after going through a vote of no confidence, the crowd joyfully joined in with a song dedicated to Teresa May. Sample lyric: “You’re unbelievable/I don’t trust a word that you say.”

Buster Shuffle -8936

The energy never dropped as Baker flitted between instruments, gestured to the crowd and even played the keyboard with his feet. Between that were chorus heavy singalongs and false endings.

Buster Shuffle -8971

Buster Shuffle -8954

Skinny Lister certainly do have a knack of choosing a good support band. This lot were remniscent of Holy Moly and The Crackers in vibe.

Buster Shuffle -8978

“Christmas drinkies!”
Skinny Lister’s holiday party is fast becoming one of the highlights of the year, let alone Christmas. In 2017, we, they and Beans on Toast shook KOKO. The year before was this venue and this crowd (more or less).

Skinny Lister -9135

Skinny Lister -9108


Skinny Lister -9425

So, time for a rematch! Could they top those shows? In a word, yes. The riotous reception for 38 Minutes, a relatively new song from an album that wasn’t even out yet, was proof that everyone was ready to party hard.

Skinny Lister -9411

Skinny Lister -9229

Skinny Lister -9267

Skinny Lister -9520

There is no other way with a Skinny Lister show, really. The band attacks each show; hair, limbs, Lorna and instruments go flying. Even the double bass is held high.

Skinny Lister -9942

Skinny Lister -9355

Skinny Lister -9461

Skinny Lister -9280

The handful of new songs proved they would fit easily into the Skinny Lister catalogue. Second Amendment was a downtuned ska-influenced song with contemporary references to Californian wildfires and U.S. gun ownership culture. Singer Dan Heptinstall’s brief satisfied smile as the final chords rang out on their new single was soon explained – it was the first time they’d played the song live.

Skinny Lister -9345

Skinny Lister -9178

Skinny Lister -9009

From the new to the old, with If The Gaff Don’t Let Us Down, a fan favourite they’ve been playing since their earliest concerts.

Skinny Lister -9685

Skinny Lister -9311

Skinny Lister -9808

Long-standing traditions appeared too: two flagons were passed round. The same rules applied for shared unspecified alcohol as for good advice: “Have a sip, don’t be a dick, pass it on.”

Skinny Lister -9401

Skinny Lister -9589

Another welcome tradition surfaced when Beans on Toast made a cameo appearance to sing their Christmas duet and generally have a laugh.

Skinny Lister -9907

Skinny Lister -9815

Skinny Lister -9826

With all this, it was shaping up to be the show of the year. The deal was sealed in the encore when a bubble machine and an Elvis impersonator turned up! What a show!!

Skinny Lister -9862

Skinny Lister -9844

Skinny Lister -9949

Skinny Lister -0029

Skinny Lister -9972

If you’re quick, you might just get to experience a Skinny Lister show for yourself. They’re returning to London on April 11 (The Electric Ballroom in Camden), then after a U.S. tour they’ll be back for a handful of Ireland and Europe dates in June. Click here for details. 

Skinny Lister’s album The Story Is is out now! You can buy it on CD, vinyl or mp3 by clicking on the image below. At no additional cost to you, I will earn commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thank you!



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