Close Up on Ramblin’ Roots Revue festival

Ramblin’ Roots Revue 2019 is just around the corner and they’ve nailed it with a stellar line-up of Americana talent including Austin Lucas, Yola, William The Conqueror, Marry Watterson & Emily Barker, and Megan O’Neill. Even though it’s early in the festival season, they’re setting the bar high compared to their bigger budget outdoor competitors.

This is not their first rodeo, of course. This will be the third year of festivities at Bucks Student Union in High Wycombe. It has two decent sized stages, both with well-stocked bars. The 2019 jaunt will have specialist craft ales, wines, gins and whiskies.


Being an indoor festival, there’s no risk of rain stopping play, and no messing around with tents. There are plenty of budget chain hotels within walking distance. There are food trucks on site, along with another nod to the more traditional festival experience as there’s an outdoor stage for emerging artists. If chips and street food aren’t enough, the town has a range of restaurants. Particularly recommended is Bluegrass BBQ Smokehouse, which is luckily also the closest eatery to the venue. The breakfasts there are immense!

The greatest thing about this festival is the chance for everyone to see every main act without any downtime. After watching the first band, the crowd moves over to see the second band in the next room, allowing the third band to get ready to play as soon as the previous set is finished. That relay repeats until closing time. The Saturday ends on a particular high with an all-star line-up celebrating a particular musical theme. This year’s theme is 1969, so expect some classics! Here’s a clip from the festival in 2018 when Danny George Wilson and The Bennett brothers took on Tom Petty’s Refugee.

When Ramblin’ Roots Revue is only 30-40 minutes from London by train and costs just £40 (plus booking fee) for the entire 3 day weekend festival ticket if you buy online in advance, what’s not to love? Head over to the festival’s website to buy tickets and for more information, including directions to the free car park (first come first served) and a closer look at the artists and stage splitsHere’s an overview of the lineup to whet your appetite.





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