Launch event: Liv Austen’s double A-side vinyl single, Detour/Whole Heart

May 8, 2019
The Library, London

“I’ve dreamt of having my songs on vinyl for a long time so this is such a selfish project!”
Americana pop singer-songwriter Liv Austen is known for her self-deprecating humour but, to be fair, she probably meant that. Records are cool and everyone knows it!

Liv Austen -7246

After over half a million streams of her debut album, A Moment Of Your Time, there was clear demand for another release, plus there was a story behind it.

Liv Austen -7250

We caught up with Austen before the exclusive launch event for her double A-side single and she explained the connection: “Detour is about my first love who broke my heart. He went back to his old girlfriend. Whole Heart is about me falling in love again much later…afraid that it was going to happen again. Whole Heart references Detour.”

Liv Austen -7257

Held at a private members’ club, the intimate soirée was invite-only for music industry representatives and competition winners.

Liv Austen -7353

Austen and her trusty guitarist Jon Wright started out with previous single, Window Shopping.

Liv Austen -7285

They then played the two new singles back-to-back. The acoustic setting really allowed focus on the heartfelt, and sometimes heartbreaking, lyrics of Detour and Whole Heart.

Liv Austen -7317

Liv Austen -7282

Given the nature of this money-can’t-buy event, we captured some clips for you!

There was time for a surprise. She had filmed two music videos in a week, which is a big ask even for a pro like Austen. Happily, one of the video was ready to screen exclusively to the select crowd. Her background as a trained actor came through in the early frames. Then, suddenly, it took an interpretative dance turn! Impressive. Seriously, is there anything Liv Austen *can’t* do?!

Liv Austen -7346

Unsurprisingly, given the flawless showcase that the songs were given that evening, the vinyl sold rapidly. Not to worry if you couldn’t get an invite to the event, though. The double A-side record of Detour and Whole Heart will be available on Liv’s website from May 17, as well as at her live shows. Don’t sleep on getting your copy. It’s a strictly limited edition release – once it’s gone, it’s gone!

Here’s Liv with Paul Hadley, who won his ticket to the event through Music Closeup.

Liv Austen -7338

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Liv Austen -7230

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