EP Review: Lisa Redford – Edge Of Love

Edge Of Love is a fitting title for Lisa Redford’s new EP as the songs tread the delicate line between being burned by love and being ready to love again.

Anything But Easy sets the scene, describing a relationship that’s not working: “I wish I had the strength to say goodbye this time/and I know that I’ve been left here before always wanting more.” Anyone with experience of a relationship that leaves something to be desired will recognise the mix of hope, confusion and resignation.


There’s another crisis of confidence up next, but this time it’s in a positive context  at the start of a new relationship. With the title track, Redford offers another mid-tempo song from the voice of experience: “I hesitate to let you in/but I love the warmth of skin on skin/and I’m not sure how this will end/but I know I’m letting go.”

Let Go picks up the pace with an empowered pure pop piece. It’s easy to picture this as a joyful participatory affair when played live because there’s space for handclaps. The sentiment fits modern times: “you almost broke me/but time has told me /I’m stronger on my own.” A nice hard stop at the end underscores the point.

Lisa Redford1.jpg

I Just Can’t Forget has nods to traditional country influences in instrumentation and plaintive tone, plus lyrics inspired by the greats: “though for you they’re growing distant/they grow closer in my mind… all those times you won’t remember/I just can’t forget.”

Alone Tonight is a sweetly sung way of ending a record about searching for and yearning for love. Although problems are acknowledged – “tired of all the games you play” – the ultimate goal is plain to see: “I don’t want to be alone/a sweeter love I’ve never known/no, we’re not meant to be, we don’t wanna feel alone tonight.”

Lisa Redford3.jpg

Overall, the EP has the sound of a late ’90s Dawson’ s Creek soundtrack with strong pop rock ballads, but these are songs of experience. Breakups loom and linger, hurt colours future relationships, and love may not be perfect but, ultimately, it’s worth it.

Edge Of Love is out now. At no additional cost to you, I will earn a small commission if you click the image below to buy the digital download.


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