Tour News: A close encounter of the Northern kind with No Hot Ashes

Chris Hawkins of BBC 6 Music described indie rockers No Hot Ashes’ latest single as “a thumping banger, like Happy Mondays meets Franz Ferdinand.” If you’re after a close encounter of the Northern kind, you can catch them No Hot Ashes live over the next two weeks.

They will showcase their latest single W.Y.N.A. (When You’re Not Around) and other songs from their forthcoming album, Hardship Starship. Due out on August 16, 2019, the record will cover economic inequality, crime and life in austerity Britain.

W.Y.N.A is more personal than political. Lead singer and guitarist Isaac Taylor explained that it’s “about kicking off with loved ones, sleep deprivation and the cyclical nature of relationships. It’s an acoustic song that was rescued from obscurity, electrified and pimped with synth bleeps and rock riffs.

No Hot Ashes Spring 2019 Tour Dates

May 26: NBHD Weekender, Warrington
May 29: The Parish, Huddersfield
May 31: Heartbreakers, Southampton
June 01: Thousand Island, London
June 7: Also Known As, Banbury
June 8: Surf Café, Tynemouth
August 2: 110 Above Festival, Leicestershire

Head to the band’s website for tickets. 


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