Natural Born Thrillers: DROOL are back with a dark new video

DROOL are acting like the ’90s never really went away as they step up with a Natural Born Killers inspired black & white video and a heady grungy indie sound. The London band took to the streets of Harringay to grab footage for the Junkyard video. A tense scene of a man fleeing a car is interspersed with confrontational close-ups of Joey Rogers singing “I slow down but my car speeds up and mows my enemies down.”


The chase gets faster, the close-ups get closer and then flashing lights usher in a wall of noise acting as a pretty good indicator of the band’s energetic live shows. The ending of the video is ominously calm; the car is stopped and just one man remains.

Junkyard is the second single from Drool’s fortcoming EP, due out later this year. You can catch DROOL live at Camden Rocks on June 2, the same day as Ash, Skinny Lister and Carl Barat. Click here for tickets

thumbnail_DROOL PRESS 2

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