Close Up on The Blue Highways & the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Americana guitarists

Up-and-coming Americana/rock band The Blue Highways have grasped the chance to add the talent of six lauded Americana guitarists to their latest single, Play, Johnny, Play.

The rock ‘n’ roll tinged song is a celebration of guitars, so it made sense to the band to reach out to the best guitarists they knew. They were thrilled when they all said yes. That’s how they ended up with pedal steel players Henry Senior (Danny and The Champions of The World) and CJ Hillman ( Yola, Billy Bragg), Senior’s Danny and the Champion of The World bandmate Paul Lush, Joe Hazell (Curse of Lono), Two Ways Home’s Lewis Fowler, and Bennett Wilson Poole’s Tony Poole.

“With Jack [the band’s lead guitarist] and our six guest stars, we had our own Magnificent Seven – each bringing something different but also working together to create a single great track.” The song was recorded and mixed in Chris ‘Champion of The World’ Clarke’s Reservoir Studio in north London, giving it a live sound.

Check out the video featuring six of the seven guitarists plus the rest of the Blue Highways:

Play, Johnny, Play is out now. Click here to get the digital download.

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