Dashboard Confessional confession – the songs were meant to be acoustic; now they are!

Almost twenty years after Dashboard Confessional hit the alt-rock big time, singer Chris Carrabba revealed that the band started out as a solo side project on acoustic guitar. No need to imagine what that might have been like because Carrabba has re-recorded three albums acoustically to set the record straight.

It was a richly cathartic experience. “I found the original handwritten lyrics to [the songs] Dusk [and Summer] and Alter [The Ending] before there was any critiques leveled at them. I looked at them and those were some of my best lyrics I’ve written. I should have known that and trusted myself. I was able to correct a mistake.”

For Dusk and Summer, that meant switching the song to the first person to make it clear that it was autobiographical. Alter The Ending also had the tense switched to first person as well as deeply revealing, more downbeat lyric changes. The songs have become less universal but more personal and, therefore, more authentic.

Carrabba deconstructed, analysed and remade each song with new lyrics and new structures where appropriate, and audible emotional investment right across the board.

If Dashboard Confessional provided the soundtrack to the highs and lows of your teenage years, you need this in your life now. Just be ready for goosebumps and a rush of memories. “My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me/so won’t you kill me so I die happy” anyone?

You can hear new versions of 2003’s A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar, 2006’s Dusk and Summer, and 2009’s Alter The Ending through your favourite streaming service by clicking here. These new recordings are known collectively as Now is Then Is Now.

What’s even better is you can hear the songs live this year too. Dashboard Confessional, solo as originally intended, will be performing acoustically in the UK and mainland Europe this November.

November 10: King Tuts, Glasgow
November 11: Deaf Institute, Manchester SOLD OUT
November 13: St Pancras Old Church, London SOLD OUT
November 14: St Pancras Old Church, London SOLD OUT
November 15: St Pancras Old Church, London SOLD OUT
November 17: Boule Noire, Paris
November 18: AB Club, Brussels
November 19: Fierwerk, Munich
November 20: Privateclub, Berlin
November 22: Luxor, Cologne
November 23: Dynamo, Eindhoven


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