Paramore’s Zac Farro announces a new psych-rock HALFNOISE album

Musician and producer Zac Farro may sport the trademark headgear of his Nashville home, but he’s back to prove that Nashville is not just for country!

The Paramore drummer has a chilled-out, psychedelic sound for his own musical outlet, even though the earliest incarnation of HALFNOISE was formed just two days after leaving Paramore in 2010.

Perhaps the fact that the platinum selling pop-punk/emo/power-pop/pop-rock band Paramore has more recently styled itself as ‘genre-neutral’ has something to do with Farro’s influence on his return. He’d spent the intervening six years honing his creative skills and musical exposure, particularly by appreciating classic rock bands of the 1960s and 1970s.

Having been in Paramore since the tender age of 14, then subsequently developing the HALFNOISE concept with two earlier albums and four EPs, he felt ready to stretch himself musically more than ever. He explained that there are “new sides to my lyrics and songwriting I didn’t know I had on this album. I feel like there’s a song for everyone…With HALFNOISE, Natural Disguise is my greatest achievement yet.”

As well as writing the songs and producing the album, Farro directed this vertical video for trippy new single Boogie Juice.

For someone so influenced by the ’60s and ’70s, it’s no surprise that Farro has focused heavily on the record itself. The album Natural Disguise – featuring suitably psychedelic titles as Woodstock Snap, Moody Disco Blue, and This Groove Is Divine. – is availble for pre-order on a creme colour vinyl with a limited edition run of just 500. You can order the record plus other merch here.

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