Rev up with Konrad Sheane & a shot of Devil’s Whiskey

After 20 years as a drummer in his native Ireland, Konrad Sheane moved to the UK to launch his solo career. Those two decades of experience shows in his latest single, Devil’s Whiskey. After a burst of feedback, a rebel yell and a compelling guitar riff, the driving beat kicks in. Sheane’s baritone vocal tells a story that conjures images of a rebel without a cause making a deal with the devil at the crossroads.

The nihilistic refrain “suck on my gasoline” overtakes the verses again and again until a hard stop is softened only by a handful of echoes, like the jangling impact of a sudden crash. That’s about right; it’s all over in under two and a half minutes.

You can check out Devil’s Whiskey on Spotify or Soundcloud now. 

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