Gary Numan thinks Wayne Hussey has the best story to tell – and you can hear it!

He is one of a kind and, whether he likes it or not, he’s an absolute legend, and I can’t think of anyone on planet Earth who has a better story to tell.

Gary Numan undoubtedly has a story or two of his own about rock ‘n’ roll excess, so it’s worth paying attention when he says Wayne Hussey is worth listening to. Soon you can, because the frontman of goth-rock band The Mission is heading out on tour in support of his autobiography, Salad Daze.

Hussey sets the scene vividly: “After years and years of living with repression and religious guilt, I had finally shaken off those shackles to become the clichéd licentious, degenerate, promiscuous rock star – everything that my mother had feared I’d become.” Given that he was raised as a Mormon, this was quite a development, triggered by seeing Marc Bolan and T. Rex on Top Of The Pops and realising that life as a rock star clad in glitter, mascara and curls was his destiny!

As well as his experience in The Mission, the book and forthcoming tour cover his time in Dead or Alive with Pete Burns, The Sisters of Mercy, and Invisible Girls.

The book has a fittingly musical twist; there’s an accompanying playlist to soundtrack each chapter, featuring artists as varied as Elvis Presley, Radiohead, Suicide, Frank Sinatra and Telly Savalas! 

The live shows are sure to be entertaining, mixing songs and stories. As Iggy Pop explains “I toured a lot with The Mission and Wayne was much too bright and nice a guy to be in the rock business. He always had a sense of humour.”

As Hussey is still making music and touring with The Mission and as a solo artist, he has over 200 songs to choose from. He eschews setlists in favour of his mantra “give ’em a little of what they want, a little of what I want, and a little of what I think they need!”

August 26, 2019: Queens Hall, Nuneaton
August 27, 2019: Discovery Centre, Winchester
August 28: 2019: H&C Club, Bristol
August 29, 2019: Marrs Bar, Worcester
August 30, 2019: Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
August 31, 2019: The Bullingdon, Oxford
September 1, 2019: Black Market VIP, Hastings
October 22, 2019: Chinnery’s, Southend
October 23. 2019: Esquires, Bedford
October 24, 2019: Night People, Manchester
October 25, 2019: Bootleg Social, Blackpool
October 26, 2019: Cluny, Newcastle
October 27, 2019: Audio, Glasgow
November 2, 2019: Pavilion, Whitby
November 5, 2019: Nambucca, London
November 6, 2019: Komedia, Bath

Tickets are on sale now through The Mission’s website. Support will come from Evi Vine.

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