Tour News: Arkansas Dave’s taking the Long Road to the UK

Anyone who’s three days into The Long Road Festival could do with a pick-me-up around now. Arkansas Dave’s your man for that. The opening track of his latest album is an aural explosion with horns, vocals and gospel harmonies all competing for attention. Bad At Being Good has a honky-tonk feel that’s eminently suited to a bit of a boogie at Long Road’s innovative Front Porch stage.

Revellers can also look forward to the driving blues rock of On My Way and Think Too Much, and the pure Delta of Sqeuaky Clean. The latest single, Diamonds, will offer a much needed breather to appreciate Dave’s rich voice.

Eagle-eared listeners will hear influences from across the Deep South. As well as the obvious Arkansas connection, his debut album was recorded at FAME Studios in Alabama, and his upcoming record will be cut in his adopted hometown of Austin, Texas.

If you couldn’t make it to The Long Road, there are a few other opportunities to catch Arkansas Dave in the UK, including a turn at London’s eminent listening venue, Green Note, supporting Loose Music’s Frankie Lee.

September 8: The Long Road Festival (The Front Porch stage, 6:20 – 7:00 p.m.)
September 9:
Green Note, London
September 10: The Dorothy Pax, Sheffield
September 11: Running Horse, Nottingham

Head to Arkansas Dave’s website to find out more.

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