Check out Granfalloon’s new folktronica single while you still have the chance to see them live

We’ve covered various Manchester-based rock and indie bands recently, including Twisted Wheel and Dantevilles. Granfalloon are something different. Folktronica is the perfect way to describe their simultaneously gentle and unsettling single, The Elephant. Sung in English and German, it celebrates frontman and producer Richard Lomax’s pan-European heritage. Having previously released an ambitious 52 track solo album resulting from a song-a-week writing challenge, and played alongside We Are Scientists and Frightened Rabbit, Lomax then embraced the Granfalloon concept for a more collaborative music making experience with a collective of other musicians and producers.

The lyric video for The Elephant celebrates early RGB graphics, a nod to the upcoming album, RGB.

Granfalloon are finishing up an extensive tour to showcase their new music. Here are the last few dates:
Sunday, October 20, 2020: Tower Of Song, Birmingham
Tuesday, October 22, 2020: Old England, Bristol
Thursday, October 24, 2020: The Harrison, London

Footage for their latest video, Objects Of Love, came from their album launch show in Salford. Northern through and through, the song was inspired by a mysterious collection in Manchester’s John Rylands. Items including Egyptian mummy fragments and a flower from George Washington’s grave were said to have belonged to Victorian author Isabella Banks, but there is no record of her leaving the UK. This led the band to romantically ruminate on how she got them.

Did you notice that the band were completely on brand in the video? They wore red, green and blue in reference to the album title!

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