Check out Killjoys’ bright new song and video!

As we’re focusing on videos, it’s time to take a look at The Killjoys’ latest for This Hollow Heart. Acknowledging that their previous promos have been pretty dark, they’ve gone completely the other way with this bright, tongue-in-cheek look at the world of high street promo people.

The band makes a cameo but this one’s really about the ‘Great Deals’ guy who, in just a few minutes, ably conveys his job satisfaction followed by frustration when a bear muscles in on his patch. After failing to fight back as different characters, he fights back literally – as a bunny! Keep watching for the twist ending!

The music itself is just as upbeat as the video, contrasting with the lyrics of the first verse that touches on despair and darkness. Still, the affirmation in the chorus and beyond is as bright as singer Jess Perry’s hair. In content, tone and sometimes vocally, the pop-rock track has touches of Paramore, as well as hints of Los Campesinos.


The band has been supported by BBC Introducing Wales. If you are in Wales, you can catch Killjoys at Fuel in Cardiff on October 24. Find out more through their website.

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