Tour News: Stave off the winter chill with Loose Music’s Vetiver

Vetiver, the alter-ego of Andy Cabic, is an exciting signing for Loose. He cites and shows influences of Tom Petty, R.E.M. folk, rock, house, bossa nova and Japanese City pop. The result is a warming melee sure to brighten even the darkest days of winter.


Photo Credit: Alissa Anderson

The sound of Vetiver’s record reflects the intimate, organic conditions of initially recording on the floor of a friend’s house in the California desert. This session was taken to the studio to be completed by engineer and collaborator Thom Monahan with more contributions from talented friends.

The lead single has the laid back feel of Jack Johnson but with more authenticity.

The follow-up, Swaying, is a jingle jangle trip to the desert while also a lo-fi “homage to the music I grew up listening to: R.E.M. and Feelies.” There’s shades of The Posies too.

Hot on the heels of those two is another bright art track to help stave off winter blues.

There will be no need for central heating when Vetiver brings music like this over in December:

December 6, 2019: Whelan’s, Dublin
December 7, 2019: 81 Renshaw, Liverpool
December 8, 2019: Yes, Manchester
December 9, 2019: Old Cinema Launderette, Durham
December 10, 2019: Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh
December 11, 2019: Mono, Glasgow
December 13, 2019: Headrow House, Leeds
December 14, 2019: The Cuban Assembly, Birmingham
December 15, 2019: The Brunswick, Brighton
December 16, 2019: Rough Trade, Bristol
December 17, 2019: Islington Academy 2, London

Vetiver’s album Up On High is out 1st November 2019 on Loose on LP, CD & digital.

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