Grammy award winning artist Keb’ Mo’ is doing something he said he’d never do

Legendary blues musician Keb’ Mo’ is back with a holiday album. Yes, you read that right. The four time Grammy award winner has just released Moonlight, Mistletoe and You. Festive albums are still a bit of a novelty here in the UK, but they’re beloved in America so it’s significant that he’s joining Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Weezer, Hanson, Kelly Clarkson and so many more in taking this step. “I felt now was as good a time as any to spread some love and compassion,” he explained. 

Keb' Mo' BAND Jingle Bell Jamboree2 copy.jpgPhoto Credit: Jeremy Cowart

In case you’re worried that it might be a bit schmaltzy for your taste, you can take heart that Keb’ Mo’s approached the record with a bit of humour by including a track called Christmas Is Annoying! There’s also space for a holiday classics, such as Please Come Home For Christmas, Merry Merry Christmas, and St Louis blues legend Charley Jordan’s 1931 tune Santa Claus Blues.

The album’s title track is an original co-written with Kacey Musgraves’ collaborator, Adam Ollendorf. Keb’ Mo’ will celebrate the release on a December ‘Jinglebell Jamboree’ tour of the East Coast of America.

The self-produced album follows his thought-provoking record, Oklahoma, which gave is the feminist album Put A Woman In Charge, featuring Roseanne Cash.

Moonlight, Mistletoe and You is out now on Concord Records. 

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