Feeling disconnected? You’re not alone – check out Hudsun’s latest single

We like to keep an eye on the contemporary Northern music scene so we had to check out Sam Hudson’s latest venture given that his music was first played on Radio 1 when he was just 17! Now he’s back with his latest incarnation, Hudsun, and some pretty great artwork too!

Artwork - Retrograde.jpg

The dynamic lyric video for the powerful new single, Retrograde, highlights how the song vacillates between disconnection and encouragement: “Why can’t I seem to make it feel right/hey, don’t lock those feelings away/just let it all out/I can’t relate.”

HUDSUN - Press 3.jpg

There are shades of Arctic Monkeys in this Yorkshire musician’s accented musings on modern life. Hudson explained that Retrograde is about “comparing a current tech-driven climate to life many years ago and never being able to reach the same high from our youth.”

Check it out, and keep an eye on this young singer who has been praised on Radio 1 and Radio X.

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