Stick In The Wheel and Marisa, Jack & Davy

“Stick in the Wheel looked the folk part on first glance; a fiddle, a cajón drum, guitar and several singers. Easy to miss the punk tattoos and distinctive approach, at least until the performance kicked in; this was feisty, fierce folk.”

London Folk Festival 2016

September 3, 2016 Cecil Sharp House, London  “Folk is rising again” Fittingly, London Folk Festival took place at London’s home of folk music research and practice, Cecil Sharp House. Performances took place throughout the afternoon and evening on two stages. There were also music and dancing workshops and rousing singalongs in the bar.

UnampliFire Festival

“Each folk singer or band at The UnampliFire Festival played at least twice on one of the five stages; three inside the deliciously dilapidated seventeenth century house, one around a camp fire and one in The Crane House, a shed overlooking the Thames.”