The Handsome Family & Courtney Marie Andrews

“…countless other songs celebrated the obscure, the overlooked and delicious darkness. Brett’s deep vocals soared up to Union Chapel’s rafters, variously chased down by Rennie’s sweet harmonies and her auto harp, xylophone or ukulele…”

Stick In The Wheel and Marisa, Jack & Davy

“Stick in the Wheel looked the folk part on first glance; a fiddle, a cajón drum, guitar and several singers. Easy to miss the punk tattoos and distinctive approach, at least until the performance kicked in; this was feisty, fierce folk.”

Applewood Road

“On a night of highlights, the first and last songs were exceptional. The set started with an cappella rendition of the song that started it all, Applewood Road, and ended with the beautifully bittersweet I’m Not Afraid Anymore on piano and guitar.”

John Moreland & Zach Torres

Moreland’s voice hovered on the verge of cracking as he dissected the end of a relationship, detailing deep heartbreak interspersed with fleeting, unwarranted hope.

Project Nostalgia: Supporters

Many people champion Dom Coyote, Vena Portae and Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – “Whispering Bob” Harris and Dermot O’Leary to name but a few.  But today we’re going to look at those that help day-in day-out; on stage, backstage, on the road and at the merch desk.

Daylight Music: Adrian Crowley (21 June, 2014)

I had a great time doing the photos for Daylight Music at Union Chapel in London last week.  Thanks to Ben, Claire, the artists, and everyone else involved.  The main set of photos are on their Facebook page, but here are a few extras just for you.

Event: Gill Sandell

What: Gill Sandell and The Red Clay Halo + Ted Barnes When: Sunday, June 15, 2:30pm Where: Union Chapel Bar