Volumes: will their new album make you Happier?

“I think everyone in 2022 has some form of anxiety due to the complex nature of the world as we know it”

To celebrate the release of their new album, Happier?, Volumes have dropped a new single. Vocalist Michael Barr explained that “Void goes into the anxiety-ridden, paranoid mindset. I struggle from anxiety with overthinking situations to the point where it can be detrimental. I think everyone in 2022 has some form of anxiety due to the complex nature of the world as we know it. Void explores the narrative of self-help, whether that’s a positive or a negative.”

Volumes also explained that the title track Happier? is about “how you watch someone destroy themselves and ultimately end up in a darker, negative space and feeling like your hands are tied.” The band recognises that plenty of us can relate to “feeling helpless to the fact that you once knew someone completely different than the person who is standing in front of you.”

The song embodies those contrasts and changes. It contains both bloodthirsty and clean vocals, shimmering melodies and buzzsaw riffs. It leaves us with a dynamic track that’s simultaneously raw metal and pretty. As well as being the title track, it’s the final track on the album. It’s a song the band wanted you to savour.

These new tracks mark a welcome return for Volumes fans, who have become accustomed to a steady supply of new material. The prolific band dropped three releases in four years, then a couple more after singer Michael Barr left the band. After more line-up changes closely followed by tragedy, Barr rejoined in 2020. Volumes‘ music has been streamed over 40 million times and they’ve been praised by the metal press.

Volumes previously released Bend, the first cut from their new album.

The album Happier? by Volumes is out now on Fearless Records.

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