Cold Years: Goodbye To Misery, hello Jane

Acclaimed Aberdeen punks Cold Years are back with a new album. Goodbye To Misery is more than the album’s title; it’s the guiding principle. They wanted a more positive future than the self-destructive path that their previous record and lifestyle were leading towards.

“I really had a tough time of it a while back, and I was partying too hard. [Headstone] really opens that up and exposes the vulnerability that comes with growing up. It kind of peaks and troughs between the highs of being up, and the lows that come crashing into you the next day, and the guilt associated with that. It’s like – if I keep doing this, I’ll die. I’ll die too young, and I don’t want that to happen. So, I need to get my head in the game and calm it down.”

Ross Gordon, singer

Gordon moved to Glasgow to escape his beloved but increasingly suffocating hometown of Aberdeen. Now, they’re striving for more positive themes and relationships with their new single, Jane. Gordon explains: “Everyone has a Jane. Whether its a partner, a friend, a place, a cat or a dog — like its this person or thing or place that is with you no matter what.” [Editor’s note: As long as Plain Jane Superbrain from Neighbours counts then, yes, we have a Jane!] The song will likely appeal to fans of Dave Hause and his band The Loved Ones, who have their own epic Jane song.

Cold Years are gearing up for a tour of mainland Europe with Laura Jane Grace in June and July 2022, along with a handful of headline and festival dates.

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