Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen: powerful collaboration

We’re impressed with Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen‘s new single and accompanying video. The simple message of unity embedded within In Our Blood is surprisingly radical right now, especially within country music which too often seems to forget its own historic and current diversity.

Dylan Scott and Jimmie Allen In Our Bood single cover - two silhouetted men

The song urges listeners to recognise and understand shared heritage, religion, landmarks, dreams, and – ultimately – humanity.

“We all get raised, might not be the same/
But we all got hearts and we all feel pain, don’t we?/
And we might do things in a different way/
But we all want love and we all need grace/
Everybody bleeds red at the end of the day, don’t we?”

The video is expertly composed and lit to obscure Allen with shadows, his outfit, and silhouettes until the chorus. For the second verse, Allen’s smooth, rich voice takes over from Scott’s deep drawl.


It might be easy to see it as a modern-day Ebony and Ivory, but that role has already been taken by South Park’s Black Puppy, White Puppy skit. In any case, In Our Blood is arguably less simplistic and safe because the metaphors are deeply rooted in the American South, and wars are acknowledged.