Ian Lake: Caught in the act

Acclaimed Canadian actor Ian Lake temporarily stepped away from theatres and film and TV sets to release his debut album, What It Is.

The record’s eight songs were written during the isolation of 2020. Consequently, they inevitably cover loss and regret; but also hope, strength, and acceptance.

The enforced stop came soon after Lake featured in an episode of Star Trek: Discovery as the Orion Tolor. We can’t tell you more as we’re avoiding spoilers (after it was yanked from Netflix without warning), but safe to say it was epic. It wasn’t his first brush with success, however. He also played the lead in the musical Once. Often considered the pinnacle for actors, he delivered a tour-de-force performance as Macbeth in ‘the Scottish play’ to cap his seven seasons at Stratford Festival. He’s due to appear in the Netflix drama Locke and Key soon too.

It sounds like you should catch Ian Lake as a musician while you can! Lake’s single More is sonically upbeat. Nonetheless, buoyant declarations of love and longing can’t hide the reality that the relationship is disintegrating: “I wanna be around you more/more than you wanna be around.”

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