Man With A Mission: HUGE in Japan!

Big in Japan is an understatement!

Man With A Mission are superstars in Japan. The half man, half wolf collective routinely sells out arena shows. They’ve even made history by being the first band ever to top a national chart with a B-Sides album. In fact, they’re one of the biggest rock bands throughout Asia right now.

Man With A Mission: half men, half wolves covered in colourful paint

Syncs with a mission

Four songs from their recent album have already had cultural impact. Merry Go Round is the opening theme for TV anime My Hero Academia, and Remember Me is the main theme for the TV drama Radiation House II. Meanwhile, Change The World was the 2020 NHK soccer theme song. Also, Into The Deep was the theme song for the Japanese edition of Godzilla vs Kong.

If all wasn’t enough, their track Tonight, Tonight was chosen as the theme song for X Games Chiba 2022 Presented by Yogibo in Japan. Meanwhile, the latest Man With A Mission single, More Than Words, is the theme song for Radiation House: The Movie.

Whatsmore, 86 Missed Calls featured Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy! Check out this video to get a sense of the size of the crowds that love this band.

Releases with a mission

Man With A Mission released three albums in 2020 to commemorate their 10th anniversary; MAN WITH A “BEST” MISSIONMAN WITH A “REMIX” MISSION and MAN WITH A “B-SIDES & COVERS” MISSION. Each of them topped the Japanese album chart.

They were all set to go into the studio to record a double album next. However, when the pandemic slowed things down, they decided to split the releases up so as not to disappoint their fans with an undue delay.

Break and Cross the Walls I is out on Sony Music now. The second album Break and Cross the Walls II will follow on May 25 on JPU Records. In addition, a Japan-only limited edition live acoustic CD set will be available to the first lucky international buyers as an exclusive private streaming link.

Break and Cross the Walls II tracklisting

01. Tonight, Tonight
02. More Than Words
03. All You Need
04. blue soul
05. Left Alive
06. Perfect Clarity
07. Between fiction and friction Ⅱ _
08. Blaze
09. Rock Kingdom feat. 布袋寅泰 _(Tomoyasu Hotei)
10. Rain
11. The Soldiers From The Start
12. The Victors
13. Dark Crow -Break and Cross the Walls Ver.-
14. 小さきものたち _-Acoustic Ver.- (Chisakimonotachi)

Man With A Mission Acoustic Live at Miracle Ipponmatsu Hall, Rikuzentakata City, Iwate – Limited edition streaming album

01. whatever you had said was everything
02. 2045
03. yoake
04. colours
05. Memories
06. 小さきものたち _(Chisakimonotachi)

Man With A Mission - Break and Cross The Walls II album cover art with five wolf-men above a colourful model town

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