MNYS remembers before the internet

MNYS (Nick Cozine) hardly looks old enough to remember a time before the internet. However, looks can be deceiving. He spent a decade writing songs for other artists before he stepped into the spotlight himself. His upcoming EP looks back to an earlier, simpler time.

MNYS covering one eye, dressed in orange
Photo credit: Skyler Barberio

“This is the first project that I’ve gone into with cohesive intention both sound-wise and thematically. Mostly chasing this feeling that I had “before the internet” as we currently know it – before we were all expected to be brands or media companies. Most of my life, I’ve felt like an underdog – this need to prove myself. I talk a lot about the struggles of navigating personalities and relationships throughout life. Because even after you get what you think you want, it’s not at all what you expect it to be. So now I try to just blissfully play through music – just like I did before the internet.”

If the EP’s promo photo is anything to go by, MNYS harks back to 2005, the era of classic Fueled by Ramen releases by Paramore and The Academy Is.

MNYS surrounded by records

While working on his own music, MNYS has continued to write for other artists. Most recently, he wrote Thought It Was for Iann Dior featuring MGK and Travis Barker.

He’s currently on a U.S. tour with Carpool, Latewaves, and Kali Mast.

…Before The Internet by MNYS is out on Pure Noise on June 17, 2022.