Moon Tooth: Heavy or acoustic? You decide!

Moon Tooth band photo

Whether you prefer your music heavy or acoustic, Moon Tooth are here for you!

In October 2021, they released a fast and furious track called Nymphaeaceae. It was produced and mixed by Josh Wilbur (Lamb of God, Trivium, Korn) so you know it’s heavy af! Now they’ve released an acoustic version of the song.

Moon Tooth band photo

Wondering what Nymphaeaceae means?

Guitarist and songwriter Nick Lee explained that “the title is the scientific name for water lilies. They grow from the murky bottom of a pond up to the surface of the water and then continue to flower up towards the sun.”

He appreciates the metaphor: “The idea in this video and in the lyrics speak more specifically to growing through hardships, bettering yourself and finding a true partner. Sticking it out with them through any kind of hardship.”

The band’s vocalist and lyricist John Carbone agrees wholeheartedly. He believes “if you’ve found a purpose in life, there’s no greater peace than immersing yourself in that purpose.”

“I took a kayak out to a tiny island on an Orlando lake. There, self-marooned with the freedom to be as loud and strange as I like, I wrote words and melodies to Nick’s demo.”

The tenacity of the water lilies reinvigorated and refocused him. He revealed that “writing on the island that day gave me hope to find the only thing I want: a true partner, a true home.”

Moon Tooth acoustic

As if that wasn’t deep enough for you, they’ve also reimagined the sound of Nymphaeaceae. Of course, they do have form on this front. For example, check out their acoustic cover of Fiona Apple’s Fast As You Can!

Lee explained that he was inspired by Friends by Led Zeppelin. He loves how Jimmy Page made “an acoustic guitar sound heavy and mean as hell and it’s always been a favourite of ours.” 

He continued: “Moon Tooth has put just as much effort into writing interesting chord progressions and melodies as we have put into writing crazy, acrobatic riffs. When you strip the song down to its roots and it’s still solid, it feels like we must be doing something right.”

You can compare both versions of the song below. So, which do you prefer? Heavy Moon Tooth or Moon Tooth acoustic?