Silverstein’s innovative livestreams

“We have enlisted some of the best people in the country to help us pull this off, so expect the finest in production quality, video and sound”

Last year, we reported on how Silverstein creatively responded to the despondency of lockdown by inviting fans to call in their thoughts and using those recordings in their video for a COVID-19 era reworking of Infinite.

The Canadian band are continuing to innovate in response to the challenges of the pandemic. Over three weekends in February they will perform three different sets featuring greatest hits, acoustic jams, and Discovering The Waterfront in its entirety. So far, so nostalgia tour, right?

Well, that’s just the start of it! There will also be:

  • The opportunity to buy either single tickets or a three show pass.
  • Virtual VIP meet and greets and photo opportunities (!)
  • A “merch table” with limited edition merch, including silkscreen posters, an official guitar pick tin.
  • A soundtrack on cassette.

Saturday, February 6th: GREATEST HITS set

Saturday, February 13th: DISCOVERING THE WATERFRONT album

Saturday, February 20th: ACOUSTIC & UNPLUGGED set

Each show will be live at 10pm GMT.

Tickets are available now.