Space Station Earth: Special live event with astronaut Tim Peake!

Space Station Earth - photo of a space module above earth

Musicians routinely go on tour to support their new albums, but Ilan Eshkeri has really set the bar high. He’s created an immersive multimedia concert tour in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA). It’s coming to London for one night only!

Space Station Earth - photo of a space module opening in space above earth

“When Astronaut Tim Peake got in touch to say he was a fan of my work, a door was opened to one of the most amazing and inspiring journeys of my life.”

The record, out on May 13, aims to express astronauts’ emotional experience in space through music. This is exemplified by the combination of 300-year-old acoustic instruments and modern synthesisers. They echo the organic human experience of being in space combined with the scientific endeavours needed to achieve it.

The first single from the album is Aurora, which has a particularly special meaning for Eshkeri.

“Suddenly the clouds parted and we observed the most spectacular light show in the sky.  It was magical, awe-inspiring and it touched my soul.  I have synaesthesia, which means I associate specific colours with specific notes and sounds. Standing under the aurora, I knew immediately what the music had to be. The astronauts have also shot mind-blowing footage of the aurora borealis, which we use in the concert, so until space tourism becomes an everyday occurrence, Space Station Earth is the closest you’ll get.”

Space Station Earth live in London

The experience at the Royal Albert Hall on May 15, 2022, will combine mostly never-before-seen footage with a light show and live orchestra. It will be introduced by a Q&A with special guest Astronaut Tim Peake.

“Living on the space station you realise that if you don’t look after the vessel you are travelling in and you don’t look after your fellow travellers, you won’t survive the journey. Then, when you look down upon Earth, you realise that the same is true. We have to look after this planet we’re travelling on and we have to look after each other in order to survive the journey. This is the story of Space Station Earth.”

Astronaut Tim Peake

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