Young States concert review

October 14, 2019: Young States at The Water Rats
The music industry can be brutal. You might be tipped as ones-to-watch but still play to a single digit crowd on a cold, rainy Monday night. Eventually it will make for a great interview story. Yet, at the time, it will seem as grim as the weather. Nonetheless, Young States impressed by playing The Water Rats like it was double the size and filled to the rafters.

The volume was turned up way past 11. However, somehow it wasn’t a complete cacophony. In fact, it was easy to distinguish Libby Iron’s earnest voice and Georgia Leeder’s passionate backing vocals in the mix. The songs No More and Fool’s Paradise stood out in particular on that score. 

Meanwhile, the second guitarist and Ben on drums played off each other while throwing rock moves. Not to be outdone by the lads, Leeder threw shapes on the bass. Later on, she thrashed a drum as if her life depended on it.

Somehow, Young States manged to prove that they really are ones-to-watch, even when there weren’t many people there to watch them at all.

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