Alyssa Bonagura marks Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

After graduating, Bonagura spent five years as a member of The Sisterhood Band with Ruby Stewart, Rod Stewart’s daughter.

Now solo, Alyssa Bonagura returned to Liverpool to work with local musicians and record a stunning 12 song live set. Events company Adlib built a full-scale live set in their Liverpool studio and filmed and produced the performance.

The song Warrior was particularly close to Bonagura’s heart. She explained “this song was written for a very dear friend of mine, Nikki Mitchell, who was battling pancreatic cancer when we met. She was the kind of person that never let anything stop her from living a full life. Even with this disease, she did just that. In my eyes, she was the ultimate warrior. I hope this song can be an encouraging message to those who are battling cancer.”

You can donate to the Seena Magowitz Foundation or to the Nikki Mitchell Foundation.

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