Galactic Empire: May the fourth be with them!

Star Wars themed band Galactic Empire: band dressed in Star Wars uniforms

Star Wars-theme progressive instrumental band Galactic Empire couldn’t have picked a better day than Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) to announce their big news. They have been signed to renowned record label Pure Noise Records! They’re celebrating the deal by releasing their new single on this auspicious day.

Neither confirming nor denying their association with Palpatine’s Empire, the band Galactic Empire has an announcement to make:

Attention Citizens of Earth: The Empire has returned to exact our Sonic Vengeance once again with our arrangement of The Book Of Boba Fett. We have a formidable new ally in Pure Noise Records. With their support, there will be no one to stop us this time.

This coalition with Pure Noise records sees them in alliance with Less Than Jake, Senses Fail, State Champs, and many more punk and hardcore bands. Let the battle begin.

Galactic Empire’s new single, The Book of Boba Fett theme, showcases the band’s thematic immersion, drum drills, and heavy riffs in all their glory.

Fittingly, the single is out on Star Wars Day, May the 4th, so it’s out now for your listening pleasure. Or displeasure, if you’re part of the resistance, young fool. The Empire WILL strike back with more heavy metal.

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